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  • Is your business harnessing the full power of Google with SEO and Adwords campaigns?
  • Is your on-page web design giving you the best chance of converting to enquiries?
  • Are you generating a flow of enquiries from Facebook?
  • Do you have a solid educational, content marketing funnel to position your business as the experts with guides, reports and an online resource centre?
  • Have you jumped on the online video wave and started using video in your business to build relationships and make money?
  • Is your business operating as an automated, streamlined money-making machine and following up with your potential customers on autopilot?

If you’re not confidently answering “Yes” to all of these questions, we’d like to introduce you to EQ Media's Done-For-You Marketing Programs.

Because in just 6 months, you can be answering “Yes” to every single one.

These programs are complete, end-to-end, in-house marketing funnels that are custom designed, built and implemented for your unique business.  Our done-for-you funnels have been successfully implemented in small and medium businesses across the country, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year.

Our clients love our Done-For-You Marketing Programs for many reasons – here’s just a few…

  • Everything under one roof
    No more communicating with multiple third-party agencies – you’ll have access to the Top 6 Marketing Strategies all in one, step-by-step proven program
  • Own everything in-house
    You’ll own your Facebook Campaigns, Adwords Campaigns, SEO strategies, Funnels, Resource Centre, Videos and Automated Systems in-house
  • Simple monthly payment
    Save time and admin with just one, automated monthly payment for your 6 or 12-month program. fear of commitment? No problem, we have month-to-month options too.
  • Customised for your business
    Your marketing funnel is completely tailored to suit your branding, market, keywords, messaging, services, processes, and industry
  • Proven & tested formula
    We’ve implemented each of these marketing components in many Aussie businesses and seen the incredible results of this proven, logical marketing formula
  • Fast-track to the finish line
    Our fast-tracked programs achieve more than many businesses do in 3 years…in just 6 months
  • Affordable payment plan
    By committing to your business and a Done-For-You Marketing Program, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars compared to completing these services individually
  • One long-term partner
    You’ll be appointed a personal Digital Marketing Consultant to manage the design, build and implementation of every step of your program.  They become experts in what you do and how you do it
  • Have the end game in mind
    f you’ve started to consider your business’s succession plan or potentially selling your business, our fully integrated marketing funnels help you grow your sales and profit margins, streamline your business and ultimately sell faster, at a higher price.  We know this because numerous clients already have!
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