Facebook Marketing

If you want the results Facebook Marketing can offer, but don’t have the time or energy to learn how to use the platform then we can take over the responsibility of running your Facebook ads campaigns.

Done for you

We will work with you to create the right strategy for your business. Then we will create the content assets to be used, execute, monitor and then optimise the campaign for you.

How we will work with you…


We follow these 8 steps to install and establish each campaign.


Step 1: Research

We define your perfect prospect you are going to target with this campaign. In addition we identify the problems and challenges they need solved. Targeting is critical to lead generation. Knowing who to write the ads for is vital to the success of any paid advertising

Step 2: Offer

The offer is the product or service the business will provide the Avatar. Taking the desires, problems and solutions from Step 1 you will craft an offer that solves these challenges.

Step 3: Magnet

The magnet is a piece of content that will be given away to attract new prospects. It could be an eBook, webinar, video or live training curriculum. This piece of content will be promoted to attract new prospects

Step 4: Leads

now we focus on generating traffic to the offer to capture leads. Typically we will use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Content marketing, Marketing automation and Email Marketing to drive traffic to the offer

Step 5: Conversion

Each campaign will have its own conversion tool. The goal of a conversion tool is to turn a prospect into a client. Each campaign has its own set of conversion tools

Step 6: Follow Up

ot all new prospects are ready to buy. Most will not be in the decision part of the buyer's journey so we implement marketing automation sequences to continue to nurture and identify prospects until they enter the buying stage

Step 7: Measure

A reporting process is implemented on each campaign so that it can be measured and optimised on a monthly basis. Measuring and optimising is a key part of the process if you want to increase the effectiveness of each campaign over time

Step 8: Automate

Once the campaign has run for the first time we implement tools int to the business to turn it into a predictable sales engine. Each campaign is put on a schedule on the marketing calendar so it continues to deliver results on a regular basis

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