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Amazing New Social Features

EQ is working on some exciting new deep social integration for Wordpress using Official Tools for Facebook. These exciting new social features will make connecting your Facebook Audience with your website even easier and more powerful.

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Skeats Knect

SCEATS KNECT Sceats Knect Client: Direct Role: Video Production, Music Production Gwarsh developed the concept of the brand and art directed a tvc along with a print campaign and website that won numerous awards. EQ was commissioned to produce the TVC video and soundtrack.

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Orbital – Sydney 2010

I went to Orbital Tuesday night. Here’s the first 1:20! It’s distorted because it was so very loud, but one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time.

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What do you think of the iPad?

With the intertubes lighting up in both support and condemnation for the as yet unreleased “magical” Apple iPad, I find myself surprisingly unmoved by the device. I suspect that will change once I actually hold one in my hand, but the jokes and analogies to feminine hygene products are coming in thick and fast. Here’s

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